13 Of The Best Public Speaking And Presentation Apps To Help You Improve

The best public speaking apps?

Did you know your smartphone can be the key to improving your speeches and presentations?

This list of modern technology solutions will help you:

  • Speak better and with more clarity
  • Develop better visual presentations
  • Improve your timing
  • Help you to write more with active language rather than passive
  • Cut filler words like ‘um’ and ‘ah’
  • Reduce speaking anxiety and build your stage confidence
  • Skyrocket audience engagement

It’s all here, so pick up your phone and let’s get to it.

Human hand using a smartphone with apps

Speechwriting and idea generation

Some people like to write first and others like to speak first before writing down.

I have a solution for both camps here.

Writing and dictation apps

Grammarly for Android or iOS helps you to reconstruct clunky language at the click of a button. The paid version is well worth it, but you get a ton of features for free.

If you prefer using a desktop, the Hemmingway Editor is a simple and free alternative.

Check out the readability score and make sure it’s below a grade 7 for wide appeal.


If you prefer to riff your words before you write them, Dragon Anywhere for iOS or Android can help.

Dictation apps have come a long way and you’ll be impressed by how much they pick up.

Remember to turn off the app when finished!

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Timing and pacing

I have two recommendations for timing your speeches.

The first is to time the actual length of your presentation and the second is to time your speech pace.


For timing speech length, go with a traffic light app such as the Toastmasters Timer for Android or for iOS.

Don’t bother paying for anything when this app works fine to time your speech. You can even adjust the timings for shorter or longer speeches.


Did you know that there are word per minute (wpm) guidelines that speakers should stick to as a rule of thumb? You do now.

A conversational pace is what you should be aiming for and sits in the range of 110 wpm to 160 wpm.

This rate of speaking sounds natural, fluid, and is easy to understand.

News presenters will speak at rates below 110wpm, while radio hosts clock at over 160wpm.

Auctioneers and sports commentators will speak at speeds of up to 400wpm.

Keep your speech rate in check with Metronome Beats for Android or iOS.

Pronunciation and presentation

The best all-purpose app I’ve found for presentation polish is Orai.

Developed for non-native English speakers to improve their pronunciation.

It records your talk and gives you instant feedback to apply in a rerun.

Orai is available for iOS and Android and is the best rated app for public speaking on the market.

Filler words

Oh the dreaded filler words. How will we overcome them?

Easily. Download Ummo for iOS or Speecher for Android and you’re all set.

Filler words are distracting for you and for your audience.

Get a handle on them and improve the experience for everyone.


Improve your presentations, speak without notes, and seem more natural with your body language.

Sounds like a miracle? Not with a teleprompting app.

These apps work much better if you use a computer screen (via your phone’s casting feature) or with an iPad or tablet.

For the best app out there, check out Teleprompter Premium for iOS or Android.

Stammering or stuttering

If your problem with speaking is a bit more ingrained, or if you have difficulty with stammering.

Stamurai is an app for Android or iOS that will help.

It offers speech therapy exercises and daily training plans to help you succeed.

Audience engagement

My presentations exploded when I started to use engagement software.

Hands down, my favourites are Engage Now, and Mentimeter. They’re web based rather than app based.

Prompt your audience to visit a link to take part in a quiz or poll or set up branching narratives.

The audience will feel like they have some control over the presentation itself.

It makes for a deep and engaging experience.

Speaking confidence


Manage your state on stage and conquer public speaking fear through meditation.

Meditation is an accumulative skill that builds with consistent effort.

Check out Headspace on Android or iOS for some effective guided meditation.

You can hone in on specific areas of your body or opt for a generalised approach to anxiety reduction.

Virtual speaking

Before you speak before a live audience, consider speaking in front of a virtual audience.

Virtual Speech offers an iOS and Android app with several virtual speaking settings.

Practice your soft skills and develop spatial awareness of delivering pitches and presentations.

You can even include virtual noises and distractions to add in realism.

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In summary

As technology improves, so should your presentation skills.

You can ride the wave of progress or drown under it.

Remember, these are tools and they won’t make you a better speaker unless you put in the work.

Use them as a stabiliser until you’re ready to ride solo.

If you know of any other tools that have helped you then reach out to us on our social channels and let us know what’s worked for you.

Until then, we have just released our new app to help you become Stage Ready. 

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The first step to improvement is awareness so take the test and become enlightened.

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13 Of The Best Public Speaking And Presentation Apps To Help You Improve

Danny Riley

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