1:1 Public Speaking Coaching
Available in-person and online.

Want to communicate your thoughts confidently,
but feeling held back by anxiety or lack of experience?

Find Your Charisma
Communicate Your Value
Speak As a Thought-Leader

It’s time to speak up and stand out in your field,
without nerves or a lack of skills holding you back.

In 3 months or less.

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The sad reality of public speaking.

I’ve worked with countless professionals who feel held back by nerves, doubts, or lack of experience.

They speak without conviction, present without personality, and fail to communicate the true value they have to offer.

Or worse still, wait on the side-lines while every opportunity to speak passes them by.

Sound familiar?

It's time to find your

Your days of presentation-panic will be a thing of the past.

You’ve got the skills, you’ve got the confidence — and you’re able to lead an audience with words that inspire.

No more will you desperately avoid the spotlight.

No longer will you have sleepless nights before that speech, fearing you’ll forget your lines, or fail to impress.

It’s time to tap into your inner-charisma and realise your full speaking potential, and over the next 10 weeks, we’ll do just that.

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I'm Ed, your new speaking coach.

Lovely to see you here!

I’m Ed, the public speaking expert who helps you transform your skills and shine in the spotlight.

I know first-hand how challenging it can be to speak in public.

In my 20s, I developed social anxiety which made public speaking my worst nightmare.

It turned what should be an enjoyable experience, into something that left a sickly feeling in my stomach.

ed darling head coach at project charisma speaking on stage

I spent years struggling to overcome my fears, but eventually found the confidence to speak on stage to hundreds of people, perform as a professional actor in theatres, and become a Toastmasters President.

Today, I find public speaking a rewarding and enjoyable experience. 

As the Head Coach of Project Charisma, I help professionals to achieve the same results… in record time!

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The insider-secret behind most succesful speakers...

They get professional training.

But there’s no ‘secret tricks’ or magic potions. 

It’s achieved by following a proven program, guided by an expert who’s walked the walk, who can carefully cultivate your skills.

Whether you’re stepping into a new role, or stepping up on stage, our 1:1 public speaking coaching can fast-track your journey to speaking with clarity, confidence and charisma.

Here’s what’s included…


What you'll learn in our 1:1 public speaking coaching:

Struggling to look the part? We’ll transform your body language to convey complete credibility to you audience.

By exploring the psychology behind body-language, and fine-tuning your non-verbal performance, we’ll help you to look and feel more confident.

The voice is your most powerful tool as a  speaker, but many people feel their voice lacks authority, and struggles to keep an audience engaged.

We’ll help you eliminate filler-words, avoid the monotone, and master the 5 elements of vocal variety to speak with a dynamic voice.

It’s time to finally ditch those nerves and experience feeling composed in the spotlight.

Through a combination of mindset shifts, therapeutic techniques, and practical skills, we’ll help you relinquish anxiety, and move from self-conscious to self-confident.

Where to start, what to say, and how to make your content engaging? Speechwriting can be one of the hardest challenges for new speakers.
We’ll teach you to effortlessly weave words that inspire. If you have an upcoming speech, we’ll take your talk from “dull and boring” to audience applauding.

The professional world can throw many communication challenges at you: From elavator pitches to podcasts, town halls and team meatings.

We’ll equip you to answer questions, speak off-the-cuff, or “say a few words” when needed. You’ll be ready to communicate with 100% confidence, no matter the situation.

Whether you want to inspire your team, secure a leadership role, or become known, liked & trusted.

We’ll work together to understand your speaking goals, and start taking action. It’s not just about learning the skills, it’s about putting them to use.

Who do we work with?

We’ve also worked with TEDx Speakers, pro-athletes, academics, and many more types of people to speak in public.
1:1 public speaking coaching with Ed

Proven results from professionals
across all industries.

Your speaking confidence, guaranteed.

Our 1:1 coaching will guide you through the same methods we’ve used to help hundreds of professionals speak up and stand out. 

I’ve combined years of experience as a Toastmaster, professional actor, public speaker and communication coach – synthesizing everything into a powerful 12-week training.

Instead of doing it all yourself and doubting if you’re on the right track, you’ll develop as a speaker with complete peace of mind – knowing you’re on the fastest and most effective path to communication confidence.

But let’s be clear… We’ll be working on this together.

You’ll need the commitment to learn, and courage to step beyond your comfort-zone.

Ready to go? Here’s the details…

Public speaking coaching details.

Coaching Sessions

Sessions are in-person or online, depending on your preference and location.

All sessions last 1.5 hours, and all though friendly and relaxed, our time is focused on maximising your progression.

You’ll be learning new skills, practising techniques, and getting expert feedback to improve your speaking.

Content Collaboration

We’ll work together on any upcoming speeches you may have, collaborating on the content, and rehearsing your delivery.

Whether it’s a pitch, presentation, town-hall or best-man’s speech… we’ll help to bring out your best stories, ideas and insights – refining them into a stand-out speech you can deliver with 100% confidence.

On-going Support

It’s easy to succeed with the right support – and as your expert speaking coach, I’ll be in your corner from day one

Encouraging you to step-up as a public speaker, seek out opportunities to push yourself, and setting you tasks and challenges to keep your skills sharp, and your confidence high.

Options for 1:1 speaker coaching.

Whether you want last-minute help for a imminent speech, or long-term transformation as a speaker. We’ll arrange coaching that suits your goals.
For most people, we recommend either:

Most Popular:

The Charismatic Speaker

Our most popular coaching package.

Develop authentic confidence, master the fundamentals of communication, and deliver a fully prepared speech, pitch or presentation.

Cost: £1200

Most Comprehensive:

The Professional Speaker

Our most comprehensive coaching package.

Transform your confidence, develop the skillset of a professional speaker, and position yourself as an upcoming thought-leader within your industry.

Cost: £2995

Public Speaking
Client Bonus...

Charisma Club Access (value £125pm)

Your 1-1 coaching includes free access to the Charisma Club, our monthly public speaking group.

You’ll have the opportunity to practise advanced communication skills within a small group of professionals – preparing you for panels, podcasts, Q&As, speaking on camera, and becoming a thought-leader within your field.

Charisma Club is only open to current clients and members.

Public Speaking Coaching FAQs

We offer public speaking coaching both in-person (F2F) and online (Virtual). While we recommend in-person training where possible, virtual coaching has become an excellent alternative.

F2F Coaching:
In-person coaching takes place at our offices in central Manchester. Available to book weekdays, evenings or weekends. (For F2F coaching elsewhere, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.)

Virtual Coaching:
Takes place online via Zoom. Bookable weekdays, evenings and weekends. Virtual coaching allows us to work with you anywhere in world, and is ideal for anyone who regularly speaks virtually.

Mixed Coaching:
We often recommend people to use a mixture of both in-person and virtual sessions. Allowing us to get the best of both worlds!

1-1 Public Speaking coaching is led by our Head Coach and co-founder, Ed Darling. Ed's credentials include:
  • Toastmasters Club President
  • Professional Speaker & Trainer
  • Award-winning actor  on stage and screen.
He's coached hundreds of professionals to overcome  fears and develop authentic confidence. Preparing them for keynotes, pitches, conference talks, and more. Ed regularly works with businesses leaders, founders, academics, and professionals across all industries.

Once we've agreed to work together, you can pay online or via direct back transfer. We usually ask for full payment upfront, and are happy to provide a company invoice if being expensed.

We do not offer refunds for 1-1 public speaking coaching once started. However, we're happy to reschedule coaching sessions around your availability. If work, family or other commitments come up, you're free to pause your training for as long as needed. We ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice if rescheduling a booked session.

Ticketed Events:
We offer a full refund up to 3 weeks prior to the event date, and a deferral or date switch up to 2 week prior to the event date. Due to room hire and limited ticket availability, we cannot offer ticket refunds or deferrals within less than 2 week of the event date.

For any further details or enquiries, please contact us directly.

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