Work with us 1-2-1 to fast-track your speaking skills, build authetic confidence, prepare for an upcoming speech, pitch or presentation.

Step 1.
Free Consulation

Once you get in touch we’ll arrange a brief consultation call to define your goals and challenges with public speaking.
We’ll explain how our training works, answer any questions you may have, and suggest different coaching options for you to consider.
There’s no obligation to book – and you’re free to get back to us at any time.

Step 2.
Choose Your Package

Depending on their objectives, people typically book between 1 to 6 coaching sessions.

All coaching sessions are a minimum of one hour, and can take place in person, virtually, or a mixture of both.

In person coaching usually takes place at our offices in central Manchester, unless otherwise requested.

Step 3.
Schedule Your Session

Once you’ve booked on, we’ll schedule a date and time for your first coaching session.
Sessions are friendly, fun but also focused on quickly and effectively developing your speaking ability.
After this, subsequent sessions are booked around your availability, typically once per week.


Your Speaking 'Road-Map'

Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and objectives when it comes to public speaking.

You may have a specific presentation looming, be taking on a new leadership position, or simply want to sound more credible when communicating.

Whatever your personal goals, we’ll create a unique ‘road-map’ for your coaching that get’s you from where you are today, to the type of speaker you want to become.

Common Coaching Objectives

  • Overcoming excess nerves and building self-confidence in your speaking.
  • Developing more authority, credibility and power when speaking.
  • Preparing a pitch, presentation or speech that shows off your skills and expertise.
  • Overhauling your voice and speaking style to become a more dynamic, charismatic speaker.
  • Becoming more natural and confident in conversations, small-talk and networking.

In most cases, people come to us with a few different objectives – which we’ll build into their personal ‘road-map’ and work on simultaneously.

What We Work On

  • Transforming your voice from dull and monotone, to dynamic and engaging
  • Learning to convey authority and confidence through your non-verbal communication.
  • Correcting filler-words, negative body-language and other ‘credibility killers’ that might be holding your back.
  • Facing fears, working through anxiety, and becoming comfortable when speaking in public. 
  • Evolving from a “standard speaker” to communicating with the confidence and charisma of a leader.


Yes - we offer coaching sessions both in-person, virtually, or mixed. While we recommend in-person training where possible, virtual coaching has become an excellent alternative. Enabling you to build confidence and learn expert communication skills from anywhere in the world.

Our clients typically use virtual coaching to

- Prepare & rehearse for upcoming pitches or presentations.

-Develop an outstanding presention icluding help with content, slides and delivery.

- Improve their on-camera speaaking skills to become an more effective communicator in online meetings.

- Practise their speaking skills and develop authentic confidence through 1-2-1 practise and feedback.

Personal Coaching:

We do not offer refunds on personal coaching packages.

However, we're happy to reschedule any coaching session around your availability. If work or other commitments come up, you can pause your training for as long as needed. We ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice if rescheduling a booked session.

Ticketed events and Masterclasses:

We offer a full refund up to 3 weeks prior to the event date, and a deferral or date switch up to 2 week prior to the event date. Due to room hire and limited ticket availability, we cannot offer ticket refunds or deferrals within less than 2 week of the event date.

For any further details or enquiries, please contact us directly.

Our personal coaching is led by Head Coach and co-Founder, Ed Darling.

Ed has coached 100's of professionals to overcome lifelong fears and anxiety, to develop genuine and lasting confidence, and to learn outstanding communication skills for their personal and professional lives.

Ed regularly works with entrepreneurs, business founders, C-suite executives, academics, and professionals of all backgrounds. He has worked with individuals from many industries, including: finance, IT, technology, sales and marketing, PR, education and more.

Alongside coaching, Ed is also a professional speaker and performs on stage and screen as a professional actor.

Coaching Prices

We typically suggest a bespoke coaching package based on your personal requirements. The price of which will be based on the number of virtual and F2F coaching sessions required. However, as a pricing guide-line some of our common coaching packages are as follows:

Single virtual session: £125
3 x virtual coaching sessions: £350

Single F2F session: £17
5 x F2F coaching sessions: £850

Face to face coaching takes place at our offices in central Manchester (please enquire about working with us elsewhere).