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What's the secret to speaking with charisma?

There’s an insider-secret behind most succesful speakers… They get professional training!

Whether you’re leading a team, speaking at a conference, or delivering presentations at work, our 1-2-1 coaching can help you succeed.

From figuring out key messages, refining your content, and rehearsing your delivery. We’ll ensure you’re 100% ready to speak with confidence.

The type of speakers we typically coach:

We’ve also worked with TEDx Speakers,
professionals athletes, academics, coaches, and many more types of people to speak in public…
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Speak with authority, authenticity, and charisma.

Positive Body Language:

Positive body-language is vital for conveying a confident and credible image to your audiece. But even more so, for the inner-confidence that it creates in the speaker.

We’ll help you understand the deep psychology behind postive body-language, and how to master your non-verbal communication.

Powerful Speaking Voice:

Many people feel their voice lacks authority, or fails to keep an audience engaged and listening.

We use professional vocal techniques to help you eliminate filler-words, avoid the monotone, and utilize the 5 elements of vocal variety to speak with a more dynamic and engaging voice.

Confident Speakers Mindset:

A lack of confidence is the biggest obstacle most speakers face, but our methods allows you to circumvent “confidence” entirely.

Rather than “faking it until you make it”, we’ll help you to completely change how you think and feel about speaking in public. Enabling you to feel composed and energized when  expressing yourself.

Engaging Speech Content:

Speech writing can be a struggle. Where should you start, what should you include, and how can you keep your audience interested?

We’ll help you to structure your speech like an expert. Hooking your audience in, building credibility, conveying a clear message, and leaving them with an inspiring call to action.

Step 1. Consultation

We begin by scheduling a free consultation call to understand your personal goals, and ensure we’re the right match.

You’ll get to hear how our coaching works, and receive personalized recommendations on your speaking.

If we both feel there’s a good fit, we’ll then discuss coaching options and the next steps to begin working together.

Step 2.

Once you’ve confirmed the payment, we’ll book a date for your first coaching session.

We’ll typically arrange to meet every 1-2 weeks, either in-person or via zoom, with sessions lasting around 90 minutes.

All though friendly and relaxed, our focus during each session is on maximising your progression and developing your skills.


Step 3.

Depending on your goals, training will involve a combination of confidence building, speech planning, and practical skill aquisition.

If you have a specific speech, a new role, or event coming up, we’ll work with you to ensure everying goes to plan.

Whatever your speaking goal, we’ll be there with you every step of the way.


Public speaking coaching options:

Most Popular:

Confident Speaker

Our most popular coaching package.

Develop authentic confidence, master the fundamentals of communication, and deliver a fully prepared speech, pitch or presentation.

Cost: £950

Most Comprehensive:

Professional Speaker

Our most comprehensive coaching package.

Transform your confidence, develop the skillset of a professional speaker, and position yourself as a thought-leader within your industry.

Cost: £2,500

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Public Speaking Coaching FAQs

We offer coaching sessions both in-person (F2F) and online (Virtual). While we recommend in-person training where possible, virtual coaching has become an excellent alternative.

F2F Coaching:
In-person coaching takes place at our offices in central Manchester. Available to book weekdays, evenings or weekends. For F2F coaching elsewhere, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Virtual Coaching:
Takes place online via Zoom. Can be booked weekdays, evenings and weekends. Virtual coaching allows us to work with you anywhere in world, and is ideal for anyone working remotely, or who regularly speaks virtually.

Mixed Coaching:
We often recommend people to use a mixture of both in-person and virtual sessions. This allows us to get the best of both worlds while reducing your travel time.

Personal coaching is led by Project Charisma Head Coach and co-founder, Ed Darling.

Ed is a former Toastmasters Club President, a professional speaker, and an award-winning actor with an extensive background on stage and screen.

He has coached hundreds of professionals to overcome lifelong fears, develop authentic confidence, and to begin communcating with more credibility.

Ed regularly works with entrepreneurs, company founders, executives, academics, and professionals across industries such as finance, IT, technology, sales and marketing, PR, education and more.

Once we've agreed to work together, you can pay online or by direct back transfer. We usually ask for full payment upfront, but also accept payments made in two installments if requested. We're happy to provide a full invoice.

We do not offer refunds on personal coaching once started. However, we are happy to reschedule any coaching sessions around your availability. If work, family or other commitments come up, you're free to pause your training for as long as needed. We ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice if rescheduling a booked session.

Ticketed Events:
We offer a full refund up to 3 weeks prior to the event date, and a deferral or date switch up to 2 week prior to the event date. Due to room hire and limited ticket availability, we cannot offer ticket refunds or deferrals within less than 2 week of the event date.

For any further details or enquiries, please contact us directly.

charismatic speaker scorecard

Discover your Charisma Score:

The Charismatic Speaker Scorecard benchmarks your ability to speak in an engaging way, and identifies opportunities to improve based on three key areas:
  1. Confident Mindset
  2. Compelling Content
  3. Engaging Delivery
Take the scorecard to find out how ready you are to speak in public – and receive a report that’ll tell you exactly what to work on.