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Sally Helston

Operations Director – IFLS Fund Service

Objective: Training the Marlborough leadership team in professional communication skills & public speaking.

“Ed visited our Litchfield office to help some of our senior leaders improve their public speaking. The session was relevant and engaging and everyone took something away from the day from both professional and personal perspectives.

Ed was very open and shared his own experience with us which allowed us all to feel comfortable sharing our own thoughts and development areas with the group.

I would highly recommend Project Charisma and we are already looking at booking Ed again for other client facing teams.”

Alexander KaltenbΓΆck

Head of Marketing – HILTI Northern Europe.

Objective: More impact & engagement when delivering technical presentations.

It was great working with Ed, Chris and Danny on my public speaking skills. They really listened to what my goals were and helped me make a step change in a short period of time....all while having a lot of fun during the sessions. Can highly recommend their courses!

Keith Myers

Creative Director – AVimmerse

Objective: Overcoming ‘filler-sounds’ to speak with a more engaging voice on podcasts & professional events.

keith myers headshot, creative director of avimmerse

"Wow - such an empowering, positive and impactful day, Ed and Jaz were so welcoming and supportive that you really do feel at home in their company.

I left at the end of the day physically and spiritually buzzing and eager for another opportunity to speak in front of people. Would 10/10 recommend!"
Darren Carter
Transport Manager
"Ed has an incredible ability to create a warm and safe environment that enables people to challenge themselves, learn and grow!

I can honestly say after this session, my fears around public speaking have diminished considerably. Thank you Ed, I can’t wait to put my new skills & techniques into practice!
Holly Williams
PR Account Executive
For anyone thinking about this -
don't think, just do it!

Ed is fantastic and makes stepping out of your comfort zone so much fun.

I've enjoyed two training sessions with him and they both ended with the whole group on a real high. 100% recommend.
Emma Scott
Content Strategist
"I had a brilliant experience
with Project Charisma.

Ed was excellent, hugely skilled in public speaking techniques, encouraging confidence and helping
to minimise the nerves!

I found it really great fun and
would 100% recommend."
Robin McCulloch
Sales Specialist
"Best decision I have ever made. Everyone there was so friendly. For someone as introverted and shy like myself, they made it very easy for me to come out of my shell.

I don't normally do reviews, but the day was fantastic. The course really did change how I feel abut presenting, while also improving my skills . Highly recommend Ed!"
Dominic Malloy
IT Manager
"I've recently attended a public speaking workshop with Project Charisma and I really couldn't fault any part of it. Well organised, professional, but still very personable.

Ed provided actionable feedback in a way that resonated with me. All around it was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to work on developing their public speaking skills."
Orsolya Kiss-Toth
HR Professional
"I did the one day public speaking course on Saturday. It was a great introduction to public speaking.

Ed was very helpful and gave me some useful coaching. I feel like I've now got the basic skills to talk in front of a crowd."
Rob P
Business Founder


Founder – Active Rainbow

Objective: Learn to confidently pitch and promote her new business.

Sophie Chevolleau headshot, founder of active rainbow

Thank you again so much as I truly believe that without your training I would still be wondering if I should pitch to new clients and if I am good enough.

“Firstly I would like to thank all of the team at Project Charisma for helping me find the confidence that I thought I had lost.

Since 2020 I have struggled with self-doubt and believing that I am good enough at what I do. As lockdown eased, I was approached to speak for the local stroke association and discuss the benefits of exercise and wellness. I would have been happy doing this and been very excited at the opportunity the previous year. Not now! The fear crept through me at the thought of standing up discussing my specialism in front of other practitioners and patients.

I realised I needed some extra training and to find techniques to help me overcome this newfound fear. I was not allowing fear to stop my progression. I researched public speaking and found that Project Charisma was offering a workshop not far from me. I knew I wouldn’t regret the decision, so I instantly booked the programm.

I woke up the morning of the workshop and felt hesitant. As I walked through the doors of the building, Edward, one of the trainers, greeted me. He was friendly and instantly made me feel at ease as he walked me to the main room, where people sat talking and getting to know each other.”

A woman speaks infront of an audience of professional learners.

“At the beginning of the workshop, I was dreading delivering my final speech to the group as I didn’t really believe what I was saying. With the inspirational support from the trainers, wise words and digging deep within myself, I changed the whole speech last minute.

Thanks to Project Charisma, as the Managing Director of my business, I feel confident in delivering talks, inspirational talks and workshops of my own within my industry. I now pitch to commissioners such as public health England, the local councils and other businesses and organisations.

Within the past few months, I have been commissioned by two organisations. I believe this is all down to my experience and knowledge learned through the training with Project Charisma.

Thank you to Project Charisma, I have found my inner voice and skills to stand out. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would recommend anyone with any doubt to book on and find their voice.”


University of Manchester

University of Manchester business school

“Ed is an excellent public speaking/presenting coach. He made what can be a scary topic for many, very accessible. The workshop was professionally conducted, tailored to individual needs, and most enjoyable.

Having worked as an agent representing high-profile celebratory public speakers, and having delivered numerous paid keynotes myself, I have encountered and attended many training sessions over the last twenty years. 

The training with Ed was every bit as good as the very best training I have witnessed. Ed is an asset to the university, and many professors and PGR students could benefit from this training.”

Sandra Hamilton, University of Manchester Business School

UCEN Student Conference

Testimonial graphics 2022(14)

“It was really informative and useful, the activities made me think a lot about how to improve my general wellbeing as well as specifically my confidence and self-esteem. I learned a lot about myself – and had good time too!

Eds’ professionalism and kindness was outstanding and made me feel comfortable enough to not only take part but enjoy.”

Nela Blinkhorn, Student’s Union VP at UCEN


public speaking at the university of mancheter

[Ed’s] ability to engage with the class was first rate. His classes were very enjoyable and enlightening. He ensured the students all interacted & had a very good command of the room.

The students learnt a great deal and many said his session was their favourite. His enthusiasm was infectious and the students fedback that their confidence to speak in public had increased.

Tony Payne, Careers Coordinator at Xavarian College

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