Public Speaking Training
in Manchester.


public speaking coaching sessions in manchester, in person and virtual.

Fast-track your speaking skills and prepare for a pitch or presentation with 1-2-1 coaching. Available virtually and in-person.



1-Day Masterclass

public speaking course in manchester

Overcome life-long fears, develop expert communication skills and deliver your own live speech in our 1-Day Masterclass for professionals.



Team Training

public speaking corporate team training session with project charisma.

High-impact team training sessions that boost confidence, build communication skills, and get your whole team working together. 



charismatic speaker scorecard

Discover Your Charismatic Speaker Score!

The Charismatic Speaker Scorecard benchmarks your ability to speak in an engaging and impactful way, and identifies opportunities to improve based on three key areas:
  1. Confident Mindset
  2. Compelling Content
  3. Engaging Delivery
Take the scorecard to find out how ready you are to speak in public – and receive a report that’ll tell you exactly what to work on.


Public speaking and communication skills training in Manchester and beyond.