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Transforming business leaders into charismatic speakers.

We help professionals to overcome nerves, speak with confidence, and step-up as industry thought-leaders. Helping you to become more visible, valuable and known in your niche.

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Hello, I'm Ed.

I know what it’s like to feel:

After years struggling with extreme social anxiety, I transformed my confidence and learned to love the experience of speaking in public.

Now, I help professionals to achieve the same transformation.

High-impact public speaking training for individuals and teams.


Confidence is built, not born. After working with 100’s of speakers,
we’ve made the process simple.

Communicate Credibility.

Credibility is everything, especially in business. We’ll show you how to speak with authority and authenticity.

Speak with

Charisma isn’t one-size fits all. We’ll help you to find your natural speaking style, and tap into your inner-charisma.

Trusted by business leaders
& professionals.

1-Day Public Speaking Course (Manchester)

Public Speaking can feel like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be something you dread.

After working with hundreds of professionals from around the UK, we’ve gained key insights to accelerate your journey to confidence.

Our 1-Day Masterclass is designed to help a small group of professionals transform their confidence and speaking skills.

Next date: Saturday 28th Sept, 2024

Tickets: £415

1:1 Public Speaking Coaching Program

Whether you’re stepping into a leadership role, delivering a speech, or building a personal brand.

We specialise in helping business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals of all backgrounds to develop outstanding communication skills.

Work with us 1-1 at our offices in central Manchester, or virtually from around the world.

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Public Speaking Team Training

Bring your team together for an engaging and enjoyable training session that boosts confidence, builds communication skills, and ignites enthusiasm.

We’ll help your team to speak up in meetings, pitch their ideas, and communicate confidently – whether with clients, customers or colleagues.

Experience speaking with authentic confidence.


public speaking coaching sessions in manchester, in person and virtual.

Transform your confidence with our 1-to-1 coaching program. Available virtually and in-person.




public speaking course in manchester

Overcome fears, develop new skills, and deliver a live speech in our 1-day Masterclass for professionals.



Team Training

public speaking corporate team training session with project charisma.

Level up your teams confidence and leadership-communication skills, with our high-impact team training.