for anxious professionals.

SPEAK & PRESENT: Public Speaking Crash-Course

develop your confidence.

From careers to relationships, the ability to speak confidently affects every area of your life. Our courses and coaching help anxious professionals to overcome their nerves, transform their confidence & develop outstanding speaking skills.

We believe that with the right training anyone can become a confident speaker, so stop avoiding your fears, step out of your comfort zone, and start developing your confidence.

virtual coaching.

Online speaking is now a required skill for professionals. We’ll get you sounding clear, confident and composed on every virtual presentation & zoom call.


We believe confidence comes through competence.
Our courses are designed to gently stretch your comfort-zone while improving your skills and transforming your self-esteem.

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THe power of three.

We’re three public speaking coaches with unique backgrounds in acting, speaking & therapeutic techniques. By combining our expertise, we deliver powerful coaching that gets results.

Develop Stage-Presence
with a professional Actor.

Charismatic Communication
from a TEDx Speaking Coach.

Self-Confidence from
a leading Hypnotherapist.

After coaching hundreds of anxious speakers to become confident communicators, we believe that anyone can learn to speak confidently. Our resident Hypnotherapist, Chris, specializes in phobia-removal - and we utilize the latest therapeutic tecniques and psychological research within our training to transform your mindset, remove limiting beliefs and embed lasting confidence.

We also believe that genuine confidence comes from competence, so as well as the important inner-work, our courses are packed with practical tools & techniques, designed to gradually desensitize your fears and build your competence. So whether you're socially anxious, low in self-esteem, or just want to feel more calm under pressure - you'll be up on your feet, honing your speaking skills and expanding your comfort-zone at every step.

Public Speaking is one of the most in-demand skills in the professional workforce. Not only helping people to stand out during the interview stage, but often being a deciding factor when it comes to pay, promotions and leadership positions.

We work with professionals across all industries to improve their body-language, become more assertive, deliver impactful presentations and develop the outstanding communication skills they need to get ahead.


For some people this means being able to confidently speak up in meetings and have their ideas heard. For others it's about stepping into a leadership position where they're expected to command authority. And for some, it's about developing the personal charisma they need to win over clients, colleagues or customers.

Do you have a message the world needs to hear?
We believe the power of public speaking should be harnessed for good. To educate, influence and inspire positive change in the world.

Our training goes beyond the standard public-speaking syllabus you'll find in other courses. You'll learn how to develop the stage-presence of a performer and connect with your audience on a deeply emotional level, from our speaking coach & professional actor, Ed. You'll also learn from Dan, our TEDx speaking coach & professional trainer, how to structure, craft and deliver speeches that inspire and resonate with audiences of any size.

SPEAK & PRESENT: Public Speaking Crash-Course