Speak Up.
Stand Out.
Find Your Voice.

Public Speaking is one the greatest skills you can learn. Whether for career advancement, building a business, or becoming “known, liked and trusted” within your industry – the ability to confidently express your ideas will set you apart.

In a world where low-confidence and poor communication skills are the norm, we empower individuals and teams to overcome their nerves, find their authentic voice,  and communicate with confidence, credibility and charisma.

Expert public speaking training for professionals.

We’ve helped hundreds of business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, academics and professionals of all backgrounds to develop outstanding communication skills.

Whether you need to deliver presentations at work, pitch for business, or motivate your team, our training gives you the skills and expertise to succeed.

Try our free online beginners' class.

When it comes to public speaking, we believe you learn through doing. All of our training focuses on practical skill-aquisition and “on your feet” training.

If you’re just starting your public speaking journey, try our free 60 minute online speaking class – packed with expert tips and practical activities.

A multi-disciplined approach to public speaking.

We combine the best techniques from professional acting, speaking & psychology to create a truly unique learning experience that is fun, effective, and completely novel. 

Our modern approach to public speaking training offers quick and lasting results for anyone seeking more confidence and influence in their communications.

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What our attendees say.

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I've had the opportunity to attend various workshops organised by Project Charisma,
and I rate them highly.

I am better at speaking before an audience as a result of attending their workshops, and look forward to doing more!

Patrick Lauruol


I’ve been to a few workshops and have found them more beneficial than any other workshops on presenting and public speaking.

Would recommend you attend a workshop/coaching session if you want your business and self to be the best.

Julie Silver


I've had the pleasure to attend on of project charismas workshops, and what a great
experience it was.

If you want to upgrade your speaking
or presenting skills, these are definitely the
guys to go to!

Paul Richardson


Build Confidence.

After coaching hundreds of anxious speakers, we know that anyone can learn to speak with confidence and composure.

Our training is designed to gradually desensitize your fears while building your authentic confidence – using body language, performance, and mindset techniques to transform how you feel about speaking in public.

Develop Credibility.

Public Speaking is one of the most in-demand skills in the business world. The more visible you are within your industry, the more credibility you have.

If you want to become known, liked and trusted as a leader and authority within your field, we can help you to stand out from the crowd by harnessing the power of brilliant communication.

Speak with Charisma.

We believe public speaking has the power to educate, influence and inspire positive change in the world.

Whether you want to motivate your team, inspire new clients or become a thought-leader in your industry; we can help you to develop the stage-presence of a performer, and engage people with your voice on an emotional level.