We Help
You Find Your
Inner Charisma

Find your voice,
speak with impact.

We help ambitious professionals develop outstanding
communication skills, enabling them to inspire,
influence, and achieve greater success.

Learn by Doing.

We believe true confidence comes from competence.
Our practical training gives you the self-confidence to
stand up, and the charisma to stand out.

Three Public Speaking Coaches.

We synthesise acting, speaking & therapeutic techniques to create a truly unique cross-skilling experience that is fun, effective, and completely novel. 

Our training guarantees quick and lasting results for anyone seeking more confidence and influence in their communications.

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Build Confidence.

After coaching hundreds of anxious speakers to become confident communicators, we know that anyone can learn to speak confidently.

Our resident hypnotherapist, Chris, specialises in phobia-removal and our training is designed to gradually desensitize your fears while building your confidence.

Establish Authority.

Public Speaking is one of the most in-demand skills within the business and corporate world.

If you have a speaking engagement coming up, then Danny, our TEDx speaking coach, can help you to stand out from the crowd by delivering an impactful presentation that positions you as an authority within your field.

Speak to Inspire.

We believe in harnessing the power of public speaking to educate, influence and inspire positive change in the world.

Our resident professional actor and public speaking coach, Ed, can teach you how to develop the stage-presence of a performer, utilizing theatrical techniques to connect with your audience on a deep emotional level.