Public Speaking & Communication Skills Corporate Team Training

public speaking corporate team training in manchester with project charisma

Igniting confidence in teams & businesses.

Low confidence is an issue that affects professionals in every industry.

It causes people to shy away from opportunities, teams to underperform, and cultures of low morale to develop.

That’s where our team training comes in. Our workshops are designed to empower people to face their fears, learn new skills, and build their self-confidence.

We create a supportive environment where challenges are tackled together, fostering a spirit of team building where everyone is encouraged to be their best.

Bringing confident communication
to teams and businesses.

Jade Kirby, public speaking team training attendee

Jade Kirby (LLB)

Human Resource and Office Manager at Rutronik

“Great session! Thanks you so much, it was very fun and as you say, poweful morning. Thanks Ed. Now to put it all in to practice!”

Neil Fanning, public speaking team training attendee

Neil Fanning

Head of Investor Support at The Marlborough Group

“Great session! Thanks you so much, it was very fun and as you say, poweful morning. Thanks Ed. Now to put it all in to practice!”

Angela yore, public speaking team training attendee

Angela Yore

Founder and MD, SkyParlour

“Thank you Ed. You have helped SkyParlour this year so much with confident presentations skill.

It’s tremendous what you can bring out even in one wee small hour of one-2-one training. Our team absolutely love your work.”

Sally Helston public speaking team training

Sally Helston

Operations Director at IFSL Funds

“I would highly recommend Project Charisma and we are already looking at booking Ed again for other client facing teams.”

Lorna Gauhl, public speaking team training attendee

Lorna Gauhl

Field Sales Engineer at Rutronik

“Thank you Ed for our training today. Very informative and learnt a lot. Practice practise practise for me!”

Communication skills that enables success in every industry.

We work with teams working across finance and marketing to transport and technology.

Regardless of the industry you operate in, our training will empower your team with the fundamental communication skills and self-confidence needed to succeed.

Our workshops are practical, valuable, and enjoyable. We’re proud to consistently receive outstanding feedback from all participants.

Rutronik team training in public speaking with Project Charisma

How public speaking enhances your business.


Confident communication skills empower individuals to express themselves more effectively.

Leading to better ideas, more contructive conversations, and stronger working relationships.


Pitches and presentations are often viewed as something to fear. But with the right training, your team can see them as a chance to shine.

Our training provides the skills, expertise and real-world experience needed to succeed when pitching or presenting.


An organisation is only as good as it’s people, and company values only work when everyone embodies them.

Our training helps teams to represent themselves (and the company) with renewed self-confidence and enthusiasm.

Team Training - Course Details

Half-Day Team Training

Transform your teams confidence, credibility and communication skills in our 4 hour intensive course. Learn the fundamentals of professional public speaking, develop expert speaking skills through practical exercises, and deliver a personal speech – live on camera – with personal, detailed feedback.

Numbers: Up to 10 participants.

Timing: 4 hours – typically 9am-1pm OR 1pm-5pm.

Cost: £1500.

Key training objectives:

  • Build powerful communication skills and boost self-confidence.
  • Equip teams to deliver successful presentations, pitches, and client meetings.
  • Enable teams to represent the company with confidence and credibility.
  • Inspire a culture of teamwork, self-improvement, and enthusiasm within the organization.

Booking process:

Reach out to schedule an initial phone-call, so we can understand your unique requirements and offer feedback on the best training options for your team.

We’ll then arrange a date, time and location for your training. We’re available throughout the UK (fir overseas training please get in touch to enquire).

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charismatic speaker scorecard

Discover Your Charisma Score!

The Charismatic Speaker Scorecard benchmarks your ability to speak in an engaging way, and identifies opportunities to improve based on three key areas:
  1. Confident Mindset
  2. Compelling Content
  3. Engaging Delivery
Take the scorecard to find out how ready you are to speak in public – and receive a report that’ll tell you exactly what to work on.