Corporate Training

Spark confidence, ignite enthusiasm, and bring your team together
to enjoy our high-impact communication training.

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Low confidence in teams.

Teams and individuals often struggle with a lack of confidence and self-belief that hinders their ability to deal with colleagues, clients and customers.

Left alone, these issues can lead to individuals feeling demoralized, teams with poor performance, and a company culture that feels disempowered.

Why public speaking helps.

Public Speaking isn’t just for TED talks, It’s a critical skill that helps people and businesses to succeed.

It leads to impactful presentations, collaborative team meetings, and succesful pitching. Allowing every member of the team to reflect the confidence, energy and values of your brand.

How are training works.

Our modern, high-impact training encourages people to expand their comfort-zone, learn new skills, and move beyond their limitations.

We create a shared experience where teams can be open, supportive and encouraging – bringing people together and allowing everyone to succeed.

Further Details

Bespoke training packages for your team or organisation – delivered to groups and crafted to address your specific requirements.

Ideal for:

  • Getting your team to communicate in way that’s congruent with your brand messages and ethos.
  • Bringing everyone up to a high standard of confident communication.
  • Helping team-members to deliver outstanding pitches.
  • Improving your client relationship by training team members to speak with credibility & enthusiam.
  • Advanced coaching for individuals who want to become ‘known, liked and trusted’ in your industry through delivering talks, panel discussions and more.
How it works:

Get in touch to discuss your requirements. We can offer set training workshops focusing on the fundamentals of confident communication, as well as bespoke training to suit more specific requirements such as business pitching, leadership communication and team-building.

We’re available to deliver training anywhere in the UK.

Our day-rate for corporate team training is £1500. We also offer half-day training, and sessions by the hour. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to suggest suitable options.