Corporate Team Training:
Public Speaking & Confident Communication

Empower Your Team to Communicate with Confidence and Credibility.

Ignite enthusiasm, level-up skills, and get your team
speaking up, standing out, and communicating their value.

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The warning signs of low team confidence....

A lack of confident communication skills affects people across all industries.

From team meetings to client presentations – without the right skills and confidence, your people are unable to communicate their true value.

It leads to luke-warm client relationships, low team-moral, and important opportunities being missed.

Does that sound familiar?

Let's fire-up the team!

Dull presentations and nervous team, be gone!

Your team are brimming with self-confidence, and busy putting their new communcation skills into practise.

No longer hampered by low self-belief or in-experience.

They’re invigorated with new enthusiasm, and ready to to engage clients, pitch customers, and represent the company with complete authenticity.

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Your team will achieve:

Hello, I'm Ed.

I’m the Head Coach and co-founder at Project Charisma.

After overcoming social-anxiety, I went on to become a professional actor, public speaker and expert trainer.

I have a passion for helping professionals to communicate with confidence, and for delivering team training that’s engaging, effective and enjoyable.

I work with business leaders, professionals, speakers, managers, academics, students, and professionals of all backgrounds.

Here’s some of their feedback…

trainer delivering team training in public speaking

High-impact training, loved by teams.

Team training prices and booking.

Please get in touch to discuss the best training options for your team.

Our team training can be delivered around the UK and abroad;
as well as virtually direct to your team.

Most Popular:

Intensive Team Training

team training in public speaking with marlborough team

Our most popular team training package.

Transform your teams confidence and communication skills in our 4 hour intensive course.

Learn the fundamentals of public speaking and deliver a personal pitch. With coaching, feedback and video-recording for every participant.

From: £1,250

Most Comprehensive:

Bespoke Team Training

Our most comprehensive team training package.

We’ll work together to understand your unique challenges, and develop a bespoke training program that targets exactly what your team requires.

With the option for on-going training and additional support.

From: £2,250