Ready to finally face your public speaking fears?

Learn everything you need in 1 day to:

Ditch the Nerves
Expand Your Confidence
Become a Charismatic Speaker

We’re looking for 6 ambitious professionals, managers, consultants, or business leaders to join us for a 1-Day Masterclass in Public Speaking and Confident Communication.

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Speak & Present
1-Day Public Speaking Course in Manchester

October 28th Course: Sold Out

January 27th Course: 4 places

Do any of these scenarios sound painfully familiar?

Are you consistently excelling in your field, but your lack of confidence is holding you back from sharing your knowledge with authority?

Do you constantly use “um, ah, so, and like”  because you don’t know how to fill the silence?

Is your speaking voice too quiet, monotonous, or simply failing to command attention?

Are you ready to axe your anxiety, smash that self-sabotage, and finally find your authenthic confidence?

In just 1 day, we’ll show you how to leave the feeling of fear behind and get your confidence overflowing – by binning off the boring, dropping the “buts and maybes”, and stepping onto the stage as a ready-made impact maker

Woman walking back to chair after delivering speech
project charisma public speaking course in manchester

Here's the good news...

Whether you want to stand out in your industry, or simply feel more assertive in meetings, our Masterclass can transform you from self-conscious to self-confident.

How are we so sure?

Having helped hundreds of professionals to do exactly this, we’ve perfected the formula and embedded it within our course.

It involves a careful combination of body language, vocal, and mindset techniques – coupled with deep learning and practical experience to dramatically shift your feeling of confidence when speaking.

Don’t delay, take the first step towards becoming a charismatic speaker today.

From social anxiety, to acting and speaking on stage.

Hello, I’m Ed!

I’m a professional speaker, trainer and co-founder of Project Charisma.

I’m passionate about helping professionals overcome their speaking fears, develop powerful communication skills, and express themselves authentically.

I know first-hand how it feels to be held back by nerves.

In my 20s, I developed severe social anxiety, making public speaking my worst nightmare.

But avoiding things only made it worse, and eventually, I realized the only way to beat my fears was to face them.

Ed Darling public speaking coach in Manchester

My journey to overcome anxiety led me to perform as a professional actor in theatres around the world, become a Toastmasters Club President, and ultimately to launching Project Charisma.

Today, I find public speaking an enjoyable and rewarding experience – something that’s brought so much value to my life.

If you want to experience the same freedom to express yourself with absolute confidence, our 1-Day ‘Speak & Present’ public speaking course could be right for you.

a speaker at the project charisma public speaking course in manchester

Helping Manchester's professionals to find their charisma.

So, who exactly are Project Charisma?

We’re a Manchester based training company, known for helping professionals overcome their fears and develop unbeatable communication skills.

We understand that public speaking can be daunting, but we believe that with the right help, anyone can learn to speak with confidence.

It’s our mission to bring the most innovative, effective and enjoyable training to anyone who seeks more charisma in their communications.

Since 2014, we’ve been helping professionals across the UK, to do exactly that.

Over the past 6 years, we've worked with:

  • TEDx speakers
  • Business owners, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Management consultants
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • Newly appointed managers
  • Senior Executives
  • Marketing Heads
  • Actors and Presenters

And many more people to help them master feeling calm and composed in challenging circumstances.

In fact, our attendees often describe feeling like their confidence has been totally “transformed“.

project charisma public speaking course in manchester
project charisma public speaking course in manchester

Ignite your confidence.

Our Masterclass is a tried-and-tested course that’s been developed over years of working with professionals just like you. Here’s what we’ll help you achieve:

  • Remain composed – we’ll show you how to speak with confidence, even in high-pressure scenarios where your nerves are rattling.

  • Capture attention – you’ll learn proven frameworks to engage an audience and command any room with only your voice and ideas.

  • Speak with authoritywe’ll teach you to speak with warmth and assertiveness, whether on stage, in a meeting, or face to face.

  • Structure your thoughts with ease – by letting go of imposter syndrome, and tapping into your authentic confidence.

  • Lead with your message – using storytelling to weave words that ignite the imagination and win people over to your way of thinking.


The Speak & Present
1-Day Masterclass

Public Speaking Course in Manchester

project charisma public speaking course in manchester

Public Speaking Course Summary:

A full-day of innovative public speaking training for professionals, including:

Body-Language Mastery:

Look and feel more confident by honing your body language and mastering your non-verbal communication.

The Voice of Credibility:

Learn the 5 elements of vocal variety to develop a powerful and charismatic speaking voice people want to listen to.

Improvised Speaking:

Learn the art of speaking off-the-cuff, structuring your thoughts with ease, and expressing yourself with confidence, no matter the occasion.

Speakers Mindset Shifts:

Transform your perception of public speaking and step out of your shell with the mindset of a word-class speaker.

Speech Structure:

Craft, rehearse and deliver your own personal speech, live on the day, with detailed personal feedback and a professional video recording to take away with you.

It’s time to step out your comfort-zone!

Location: Central Manchester
Timing: 9.30am-5.00pm

October 28th Course: Sold Out

January 27th Course: 4 places

*Booking Infomation*
For payment questions, please email:

Get ready to own the stage

What you’ll achieve in our 1-Day Public Speaking Masterclass:

Overcome anxiety, dispel limiting beliefs, and cultivate genuine confidence is your communication skills.

Master your voice and body-language to enhance your presence and connect with your audience.

Learn how to craft, structure and deliver a world-class speech or presentation that captivates your audience.

Develop the authority and charisma to advance your career and become known, liked & trusted in your field.

What our previous public speaking course attendees have said:

A speaker delivers their final speech at our one day public speaking masterclass
"I loved how Ed created a safe and welcoming space for me to speak about my life in an open, honest and authentic way. The venue was great, the other participants were wonderful and Ed is a master of his craft.

If you have a best man’s speech coming up, a presentation at a conference, or you just want to speak up in meetings at work then this course will help you to find your voice. Thank you Ed for unlocking my desire to speak on stage. Watch this space!"
Beshlie Donaldson
Professional Coach
"I found Ed and Project Charisma on google and decided to give it a shot as the reviews were great. I can now honestly understand why!! Ed is a fantastic person, great energy, great enthusiasm and above all, great charisma.

I have a big conference coming up with hundreds of attendees and genuinely feel that I'm ready now. I highly recommend this Masterclass and hope this review will help those that are indecisive. Ed and Project Charisma are the real deal!"
Laurence Masters
A speaker delivers a final speech during our 1 day masterclass
"Best decision I have ever made. Everyone there was so friendly. For someone as introverted and shy like myself, they made it very easy for me to come out of my shell.

I don't normally do reviews, but the day was fantastic. The course really did change how I feel abut presenting, while also improving my skills. Highly recommend Ed!"
Dominic Malloy
IT Manager
"I did the one day public speaking course on Saturday. It was a great introduction to public speaking.

Ed was very helpful and gave me some useful coaching. I feel like I've now got the basic skills to talk in front of a crowd."
Rob P
Business Founder
"I've recently attended a public speaking workshop with Project Charisma and I really couldn't fault any part of it. Well organised, professional, but still very personable.

Ed provided actionable feedback in a way that resonated with me. All around it was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to work on developing their public speaking skills."
Orsolya Kiss-Toth
HR Professional

So, what will I learn on the course?

A full-day of modern public speaking training for professionals, including:

  • The Psychology of Body-Language: Mastering your non-verbal communication and learning actors’ peak-performance techniques.

  • The Voice of Credibility: Utilising the 5 elements of vocal variety to develop a speaking voice that people want to listen to.

  • Improvised Speaking: The art of speaking off-the-cuff and how to feel comfortable answering questions.
  • Powerful Mindset Shifts: How to change your perception around public speaking and move beyond confidence with the mindset of a professional speaker.

  • Authentic Charisma: The top ways to engage an audience within the first 30 seconds, get across a powerful message, and communicate with more impact.

  • The Social Pitch: Delivering a short, snappy pitch that leaves people wanting more.
  • Structure & Speechwriting: the secret formula TEDx speakers use to set the standard for world-class presentations which millions can view.

  • Final Speech Delivery: Writing, rehearsing and delivering your own personal speech – live in the room and professionaly recorded on video.

  • Personalized Feedback: A detailed analysis of your strengths, improvements and areas for growth as a speaker.

This is not a "cash-cow" course...

It’s an intimate training day where you’ll learn alongside a small group of
ambitious professionals. But don’t delay, once the course is full, it’s full.

More confident professionals on our public speaking course:

"Wow - such an empowering, positive and impactful day, Ed and Jaz were so welcoming and supportive that you really do feel at home in their company.

I left at the end of the day physically and spiritually buzzing and eager for another opportunity to speak in front of people. Would 10/10 recommend!"
Darren Carter
Transport Manager
"Great experience practicing public speaking with Ed on this course.

Really pin pointed areas for improvement and came away with techniques to advance my public speaking further. Thank you!"
Angela Corbett
Careers Advisor
"I had a brilliant experience with Project Charisma.

Ed was excellent, hugely skilled in public speaking techniques, encouraging confidence and helping to minimise the nerves!

I found it really great fun and would 100% recommend."
Robin McCulloch
Sales Specialist

The Speak & Present
1-Day Masterclass

public speaking course in manchester

Public Speaking Course - Manchester dates:

Where: Central Manchester

October 28th Course: Sold Out

January 27th Course: 4 places

*Booking Infomation* For alternative payment or questions, please email:

Remember, here's what you get:

public speaking course guarantee(1)

Which means we can guarantee...

No matter how nervous, uncomfortable, anxious or lacking in experience you feel when you arrive…

By the end of the day, you will succesfully complete the course by standing up infront of the room, and delivering your own personal speech – with confidence, credibility and even a touch of charisma!

Every single person who’s taken our Masterclass has achieved this final challenge, and we can guarantee that you will too.

Don't let low confidence hold you back any longer. Join us for this 1-day public speaking course and transform yourself into a charismatic public speaker.

October 28th Course: Sold Out

January 27th Course: 4 places

Public Speaking Course Q&As:

Q. How many people will be on the course?

Places are strictly limited and you’ll be learning within a small group of 4-6 people.

Unlike other public speaking courses, we keep numbers low to ensure you get the maximum amount of stage-time, coaching and progression from the day.

Q. How will the course work?

This public speaking course is a mixture of group learning, practical training, and individual feedback.

We believe in gaining confidence through competence so you’ll have the opportunity to speak, practise and present throughout the day.

Q. What if I’m REALLY nervous?

We have first-hand experienced working with severely anxious and phobic speakers.

You’ll be learning in an encouraging, supportive and positive environment where it’s safe to practise. (We promise it won’t be as scary as you think!).

Q. Will this help with my career or business?

Our Masterclass focuses on public speaking for professionals.

Whether you need to deliver presentations, lead a team, or pitch for business – the course will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Q. What outcomes can I expect?

You will come away with a complete understanding of the fundamentals of public speaking.

Your confidence will have improved dramatically. You’ll be ready to deliver outstanding speeches, pitches or presentations.

Q. Will I get to speak on stage?

Our ethos is ‘learn by doing’, and throughout the course you will be practising everything you learn.

By the end of the day, you will have crafted, rehearsed and delivered your own speech live to audience and camera.

It's time to speak up, stand out, and find your voice.

Join us for the Speak & Present
1-Day Public Speaking Course (Manchester)

October 28th Course: Sold Out

January 27th Course: 4 places

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