Our Head Coach, Ed - discussing public speaking skills, and his journey with anxiety, on podcasts and YouTube videos.

Podcast Appearances:

The Prime Life Project

I joined Daniel James on the Prime Life Project to talk about all things public speaking. We cover the symptoms of social anxiety, how and why the fear public speaking exists, and what you can do to calm the nerves.

It was a great discussion with Daniel, and our conversation ended up delving into more spiritual realms – exploring why people have a problem with silence, the fear of judgement, and much more.

Find out more: The Prime Life Podcast.

The Unnoticed Entrepreneur

I was invited on the Unnoticed Entrepreneur podcast with Jim James to discuss overcoming the fear of public speaking, the psychology of body language, vocal variety, and mindset shifts for confidence.

Jim also delved into the business-side of Project Charisma, and we ended up talking about how the business started, what it’s like to run a business here in Manchester, and some of my best advice for doing so.

Find out more: The Unnoticed Entrepreneur.

Youtube Videos:

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Toxic Culture and Your Confidence at Work