From overcoming public speaking anxiety, to helping 100's of professionals to achieve the same.

Transforming speaker's confidence.

For over nine years, we’ve been helping ambitious professionals to hone their speaking abilities and become more dynamic presenters.

Working with:

  • TEDx speakers
  • Business leaders
  • Company teams
  • Professionals across all industries

We’ve created a proven system to help you unlock your full speaking potential, in record time.
ed darling speaking at conference in manchester

From social anxiety, to speaking on stage.

I’m Ed, the co-founder of Project Charisma.

In my 20s, I struggled with severe social anxiety that left me with zero self-confidence and a paralyzing fear of public speaking.

I tried to avoid my fears, but eventually realised that the only way to conquer them, was to face them head-on.

The journey led me to become a professional actor, speak on stage to hundreds of people, and co-found Project Charisma.

Now, I’m passionate about helping leaders overcome their anxiety and develop authentic confidence.

A new approach to public speaking training.

In 2014, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize public speaking training. 

Aiming to create a system that accelerated the learning process, yielding results in days and weeks, instead of months and years.

Our approach has been hugely successful, thanks to our emphasis on practical learning, expert feedback, and the fusion of three powerful disciplines: acting, speaking, and therapeutic techniques.

Our mission at Project Charisma is to empower you with the skills and confidence you need to succeed.

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The Project Charisma Team

When Ed still had long hair!

Ed Darling
Co-Founder & Head Coach

Edward is a professional speaker, actor, and trainer who’s taken his craft to stages around the world, including the UK, Italy, and NYC.

As a former Toastmasters Club President, and a professional speaker in his own right – Ed has the first-hand experience and expertise to help you overcome fears, develop powerful communication skills, and speak with confidence.

Danny Riley

Danny Riley is an award winning speaker, Chartered Manager, and Learning and Development Professional, and TEDx Speaker coach.

Danny’s expertise focuses on structure, storytelling and writing, and formed the unique ‘speech structure’ we teach in all our training courses.

Dan delivering a pitching workshop.
Chris speaking on stage.

Chris Delany

A Hypnotherapist, confidence coach and published author, Chris specializes in helping people to overcome phobias and negative emotions.
Chris produced his own version of phobia therapy called ‘fast therapy’, and now advises on our training material.