Do you get ANXIOUS speaking up in group meetings?

Discover what the top 1% of presenters know that 99% of Public Speaking courses will never teach you.

We all know public speaking can be daunting, but speaking to a virtual audience can double the fear, which can be even more stressful for nervous or inexperienced speakers.

Has your career been affected by poor virtual speaking skills? 

Possessing the ability to communicate effectively online will help you:

  • In a job interview.
  • To get your point across during a virtual team meeting.
  • When delivering a project pitch, an online PowerPoint presentation and delivering virtual training sessions. 

Tell me the truth. Is this you…?

  • You sit in meetings wanting to speak your mind or contribute to the discussion but fear you will look foolish?
  • You feel anxious when someone asks you to deliver a presentation to a senior stakeholder or client. Even just a short introduction.
  • You have ideas that you want to present to your boss but struggle to communicate this in meetings and in 1-to-1’s 
  • You hate presenting or even talking online. Video calls are your worst nightmare but they are essential to your future.

It’s easy to lose your words and start feeling anxious once “all eyes are on you”.

What if you could:

  • Feel confident when delivering a speech or presentation, even when asked at the last minute.
  • Deliver online presentations like a professional, gaining the respect you deserve from your manager and colleagues
  • Walk away from a presentation feeling like you have made a positive impact and be excited for your next opportunity to shine?

Online Public Speaking Mentoring

We’ve been helping people to communicate effectively online for more than 5 years, and our blend of expert coaching and practical training has helped hundreds of people overcome their fears and become confident speakers.

Our mission is to bring out your natural self-confidence and charisma.

What’s the outcome?

  • Reduce anxiety when speaking online
  • Increase public speaking confidence 
  • Master how to structure speeches and presentations 
  • Learn how to embed stories, stats and facts in a way that will ‘wow’ an audience
  • Look like a pro with a professional online setup – at no cost to yourself 
  • Build rapport by understanding how gestures, body language and expressions can influence the audience 

After developing your confidence, you’ll start saying yes to those lucrative opportunities:

  • Say ‘yes’ to career opportunities
  • Say ‘yes’ to attending job interviews
  • Say ‘yes’ to speaking on industry panels
  • Say ‘yes’ to delivering professional presentations 
  • Say ‘yes’ to pitching your ideas in team meetings 

That means leveling-up your career, taking on new challenges and becoming a key person of influence in your industry or profession.

You have the skills and you have the experience – what you NEED is the confidence to own it and communicate it effectively to others.

Choose your option below and let’s get started in developing you into a confident, competent speaker. 

Your Coaches:

You will be joining three communication experts from three separate fields who will be with you every step of the way.

  • Danny Riley. A TEDx coach and award-winning speaker who has trained hundreds of leaders and professionals to write and deliver powerful speeches. 
  • Chris Delaney, A master NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist and published author who has cured thousands of phobics of their fears. 
  • Ed Darling: a professional actor and public speaking coach who has performed on stages around the UK, Italy and New York, as well as starring in award-winning films.

Looking for the chance to test your comfort-zone and get some expert feedback?

Sign up for our next online
'Presentation Clinic'
and let's begin:

Online Booster

Single coaching & feedback session to perfect your next presentation.
  • Deliver a mock presentation or speech
  • Recieve professional feedback - stengths & weaknesses
  • Gain a strategy to devop your weaknesses and walk away feeling more confident

Full Preperation

We'll help you to write and deliver a world-class speech or presentation.
  • 5 mentoring sessions including a final practice session with feedback from 3 experts
  • Recieve the 3-week coaching package and...
  • Public speaking assessment reviewing; confidence levels, speech writing ability and delivery style
  • Gain 5 speech structures that can be used for any speech or presentation
  • A 'directors' code for framing any online engagement so you always look like a pro
  • Unlimited email support for 30 days.