How to get a speaking gig in Manchester

As one of the largest UK cities, Manchester is a hub for potential public speaking gigs. All wanna-be speakers need to learn the skill of landing a public speaking event. 

As a speaker, what are the steps you need to take to get a booked speaking event?

3 ways to get a booked speaking event in Manchester 

Free events – in Manchester there is a need for speakers for the wide range of events going on throughout the city.

A popular app used in Manchester is Meet-Up. The app is a platform for strangers with a common interest, ranging from weight loss to anxiety, from film clubs to business networking, to meet together. For speakers who specialize in self-development or business, this app is an ideal way to land a speaking (often unpaid) event, as the groups are often on the lookout for speakers and presenters.

Simply join a meetup group and reach out to the organizer explaining that you are offering free workshops or presentations. 

Get on the list – due to the large number of global businesses based in the North-West, organizations are always on the lookout for interesting speakers, trainers and presenters. 

How do they find you? Two ways, one Google (obviously) but the second is through Manchester business directories. To get seen, you need to get listed.

Sign up to 5-10 Manchester based business directories and add ‘public speaking’ keywords, alongside your niche search terms. 

Second, reach out through online networking and share industry-related data, articles and updates. Become known as the person in the know, and soon business leaners will be knocking on your door.

Keynote Speaking Agency  –The easiest way to gain a paid speaking gig in Manchester is to join a keynote speaker agency, and there are plenty of them out there.

Pro’s – corporate organisations use speaking agencies to book gigs.

Con’s – costly and lots of competition.

To stand out and get a paid speaking gig, you need to be seen as an authority in your area of expertise. When creating copy, explain how you have a knowledge base worth listening to.


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How to get a public speaking gig in Manchester

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How to get a public speaking gig in Manchester
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