Some things that are holding back your performance as a public speaker

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The Creative Process

In the world of public speaking, this can seem like life or death, but they’re part of a process.

I recently took up tennis for the first time in my life and had to go through the creative process. 

If you haven’t heard of the creative process, first penned by Marcus Roma, it goes like this:

  1. This is awesome  
  1. This is tricky 
  1. This is shit 
  1. I am shit 
  1. This might be ok 
  1. This is awesome

I loved tennis at first, but as I learned the correct way to hit the ball and move around the court, I felt clunky and stupid. 

I started to lose points, and matches. 

I wanted to quit.

This is hard to take when you start something new. 

You want to be good from the get-go, but nothing in life worth having comes easy.

When you first decided to take up public speaking, you felt the same. 

I know I did. I felt clumsy and nervous. 

This is all-natural. It’s part of the process.

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Training and craft

The solution to your problems with public speaking comes down to training and craft. 

I watched The Father with Anthony Hopkins recently and his performance was incredible. 

Anthony Hopkins wasn’t born a great actor, though. He trained and practiced his craft, long before he became great. 

Every great thing had humble beginnings. Even the Universe was an infinitesimal dot.

But even when something is developing, we should give it the support it needs. 

You wouldn’t curse a child for being small or undeveloped. They are going through a process and at every stage of that process, they are fine as they are.

At every stage of your process, you are fine as you are.

It’s not easy but it is simple

Train, train, train. Perform, perform, perform. 

This process leads to greatness in acting, tennis, and public speaking. 

Every time you say a line, make a gesture, or express an idea you are honing your craft.

Public speaking isn’t easy, but it is simple. You get up and say a few words and then sit back down. 

Don’t make the process seem any harder than it is, get through the launch and you’ll be heading to the stars.

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Let go of your ego

Your ego is holding you back from being a competent speaker. 

Your desire to not look foolish will keep you safe and quiet, but it won’t get you a promotion and it won’t win you any sales. 

The thing your ego doesn’t realise, is it will be even more satisfied when you are well-practiced.

When you can captivate an audience, you will wonder why you waited so long. Your ego will smile.

So, let the ego go for now. 

Any audience worth speaking to will forgive you for being nervous, but not for being boring.

This is why you must keep practicing your craft. Be original. Be unique. Be you.

What if I forget what to say?

his isn’t as big of an issue as you might think. 

It’s happened to me many times and the best solution I’ve found is to make a joke of it:

“10 points to the first person who can tell me what I was saying”.

“Where was I? they put something in the coffee”.

You will recover stronger than before.

Your audience will be glad it’s not them on the stage. 

They’ll be more likely to remember how you recovered than how you stalled.

Overcoming nerves

The best way to drop nerves is to remember why you are there. 

Are you solving a problem? Focus on the solution. 

Are you persuading the board to accept a big change? Focus on their feelings. 

Are you trying to make your audience laugh? Then help them have a good time.

You cannot be the best you can be if you’re focussed on your own nerves. 

I know it’s not easy. But it is simple.

It is all about the training

You can learn everything there is to learn about public speaking on YouTube, but it won’t make you a better speaker. 

The same goes for acting, tennis, golf, chess, and everything else worth doing in life. 

You must, must, must practice, practice, practice.

You can do this alone, but you’ll never know where you’re going wrong. 

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Don’t spend another second wondering and waiting. Your time is now. 

If you want to become the best you can be, we can help you. 

I could have written another one hundred things that will hold you back as a speaker. 

But it all comes down to practice. 

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Some Things That Are Holding Back Your Performance As a Public Speaker

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