Our Best Workshops & Training
Delivered For Business, Conference & Events.

Whether it’s an energizing break-out session, networking event or development course;
our world-class training can be tailored to your needs.


Supercharge your pitching skills & deliver the “perfect pitch” in this high-energy, engaging session. Covering speech writing, body-lanaguage & peak-performance. 

Ideal for an exciting break-out session, team-building workshops or within a networking event; offering a unique way to spark creativity,  understand sales psychology & develop personal confidence.

Participants: 5-30

Great For:


Available As:
Breakout Session
Half/Full-Day Couse
Company-wide Challenge


Whether for team presentations or keynote speeches, our flagship course builds key competencies in the art of public speaking, including: improvised speaking, confident mindset, peak-performance techniques, body-language & storytelling.

Ideal for half/full day workshops; this course can be adapted for any level of experience, from complete beginners to professional speakers.

Participants: 5-60

Great For:

Upskilling Teams
Facilitating Change
Workplace Wellness

Available In:
Half/Full-Day Couse


Our Executive-level coaching service offers the ultimate training for individuals or small groups looking to quickly improve their personal confidence & charisma.

Utilizing advanced techniques from professional oratory, theatrical training, NLP & personal branding, our elite coaching is ideal prepartion for key events, short-term intensive work or targeted help for individuals needing extra support.

Participants: 1-5

Great For:

Preperation for key events
Intensive work with small teams
Targeted help for individuals

Available In:
1-to-1 Coaching
Small Groups