Your official invitation...

The Charisma Club

The training club for thought-leaders.

Become a thought-leader.

Within every industry there are certain go-to people who are trusted sources of expertise.

You see them on podcasts, panels and keynotes… they show up everywhere!

Oozing authority, engaging audiences, and winning lucrative clients, contracts and partnerships.


In-person workshop,
each month

Charisma Club gives you a concentrated dose of
public speaking training.

Every 3rd Saturday of the Month, 10am-12pm.

Your turn in the Spotlight.

Upcoming Workshops:

Oct 21st:
Presentation Mastery

Nov 18th:
The Mini Keynote

Dec 16th:
Storytelling for Business

Jan 20th:
Panels & Podcasts

Feb 17th:
Speaking on Camera

Mar 16th:
Q&A Hotseating

Membership Pricing:

Join Monthly:

Join Quarterly:
£300 (save £75)

Here's everything you get...

Monthly Workshops
(Value £125)

Monthly group training workshop. Learning in-person, alongside a small group of like-minded leaders (with coffee & pastries on tap…)

Brand-Building Content
(Value £50)

Lights, camera action… Each session, get the opportunity to record a piece of high-quality content for your socials or website, and build that personal brand!

Content Reviews
(Value £50)

Each month, get an expert review on your content. I’ll look over your words, slides or recorded video, and provide detailed feedback on where to improve.

Private Members Group
(Value £25)

On-hand to ensure your speaking success – contact me directly for personal advice, or use our members Whatsapp to bounce ideas and get group feedback.

50% Off 1-1 Coaching Sessions

As a Charisma Club member, you’ll get 50% off all 1-1 coaching sessions.

Total monthly value: £250

Join Monthly:
£125 per month

Join Quarterly:
£300 (save £75)

Charisma Club helps you...

Join Monthly:
£125 per month

Join Quarterly:
£300 (save £75)

Charisma Club FAQs

Can anyone join Charisma Club?

No – the club is exclusively for Project Charisma clients and people we’ve worked with. 

You’re in special company!

What if I miss a training session?

We’re looking for members who can attend once per month.
However, if you miss a session we’ll give you a “credit” to use in the future (or to bring along a friend).

Who is Charisma Club for?

Charisma Club is for professionals wanting to advance their career, business or brand through speaking.

Confidence isn’t a requirement, but it will be a result.