Marketing Head & Consultant

More impact when delivering technical presentations

It was great working with Ed, Chris and Danny on my public speaking skills. They really listened to what my goals were and helped me make a step change in a short period of time....all while having a lot of fun during the sessions. Can highly recommend their courses!

Alexander K.


Alex came to us as a confident and experienced speaker who regularly made presentations to the senior leadership team within his company.

Despite his experience, Alex felt the data-heavy presentations he gave lacked impact. He wanted to be able to communicate technical information to the board in a way that would be memorable and engaging.

We first devised a coaching schedule that included both face-to-face and virtual sessions, meaning we could help Alex to communicate effectively in any setting.

Delivery-wise, we helped Alex to break out of the traditional “corporate speaking style” that boxes most people in – expanding his use of gestures, physicality and vocal tonality to begin expressing himself with genuine enthusiasm and energy.

We then turned to the content and structure of Alex’s presentations, finding ways to use storytelling, metaphor and emotion to transform dry topics into speeches that would capture (and hold) the attention of his executive audiences.

This combined focus on both the content and delivery style of Alex’s presentations meant he was able to make a real step-change in his ability to communicate with influence and impact.

Before our final session was done, Alex had already received comments from his colleagues, who had begun to noticed his new-found charisma when speaking.


Managing Director - Active Rainbow

Objective: Overcome self-doubt and develop the skills to pitch with confidence.

Thank you again so much as I truly believe that without your training I would still be wondering if I should pitch to new clients and if I am good enough.

Sophie Chevolleau

Active Rainbow

From Sophie:

Firstly I would like to thank all of the team at Project Charisma for helping me find the confidence that I thought I had lost.

Since 2020 I have struggled with self-doubt and believing that I am good enough at what I do. I spent a lot of time analysing my business and stripping everything right back through lockdown. At that time, I thought it was a favourable decision, later realising I had also been chipping away at my confidence.

As lockdown eased, I was approached to speak for the local stroke association and discuss the benefits of exercise and wellness. I would have been happy doing this and been very excited at the opportunity the previous year. Not now! The fear crept through me at the thought of standing up discussing my specialism in front of other practitioners and patients.

I realised I needed some extra training and to find techniques to help me overcome this newfound fear. I was not allowing fear to stop my progression. I then researched public speaking and found that Project Charisma was offering a workshop that was not too far from me.

I knew I wouldn’t regret the decision, so I instantly booked the programme.

I woke up the morning of the workshop and felt hesitant. As I walked through the doors of the building, Edward, one of the trainers, greeted me. He was friendly and instantly made me feel at ease as he walked me to the main room, where people sat talking and getting to know each other.

It was personal centred and the most rewarding and fun programme I have ever attended. It was also lovely that we had an introductory conversation over the phone before the course started, so we had a familiar person at the start of the workshop.

At the beginning of the workshop, I was dreading delivering my final speech to the group as I didn’t really believe what I was saying.  With the inspirational support from the trainers, wise words and digging deep within myself, I changed the whole speech last minute.

I used all of the techniques that I applied throughout the programme and the encouragement, and I got up there and delivered my speech. I felt elated as I discussed a health issue that I have had throughout my life. I explained what it was, how I felt and why I am in the profession that I am in. I later realised that this speech has helped my career in more than one way. It has helped my clients to understand why I do what I do.

Thanks to Project Charisma, as the Managing Director of my business, I feel confident in delivering talks, inspirational talks and workshops of my own within my industry. I now pitch to commissioners such as public health England, the local councils and other businesses and organisations.

Within the past few months, I have been commissioned by two organisations. I believe this is all down to my experience and knowledge learned through the training with Project Charisma.

Thank you to Project Charisma, I have found my inner voice and skills to stand out. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would recommend anyone with any doubt to book on and find their voice.