Meet the Charisma Coaches

“In 2014 an actor, a speaker, and a therapist all walked into a bar…”

No, this isn’t another one of those jokes, it was the start of Project Charisma, the revolutionary workshop experience designed for full immersion and confidence breakthroughs.

Our mission is to bring out the very best in every one of our clients;
helping them to achieve their goals and reach their potential.


If you're looking to get comfortable in the lime-light & learn to captivate an audience, then look no further.
A professional actor since 2015, Edward has performed in theatres around the UK and NYC whilst starring in award-winning films.

After developing an interest in public-speaking alongside performing, he began delivering private coaching, motivational speeches & workshops; specializing in the cross-over between the world of professional Acting & Public-Speaking. His training synthesizes the best elements of these disciplines to create unique and powerful methods of developing confident & charismatic body-language.


If you feel your presentations are lacking life, then Danny can help you. Danny will show you how to structure your presentation, pitch, or speech, and bring it to life using using conflict, engaging hooks, advanced structure and many other storytelling tools designed to make your audiences sit up and take note.

Danny Riley is an award winning speaker, Chartered Manager, and Learning and Development Professional. He has coached TEDx speakers, and countless leaders to be more effective communicators in their chosen fields. Danny will work with you to enhance your ideas and make your stories so compelling that you’ll surprise yourself when you tell them.


Are you being held back by anxieties and lack of confidence? Chris will empower you to take control of your negative thoughts, anxiety and phobias, giving you the inner-confidence to achieve your goals, deliver influential presentations and to communicate with confidence.

Chris’s client led style of therapy is friendly, professional
and confidential. He has developed his own version of phobia therapy called 'fast therapy', which has revolutionised the therapeutic landscape.This technique can allow massive changes in and during just a single session, no

matter how big your blocks may be.