who are Project charisma?

Our mission is your success with communication skills.

Project Charisma is a communication skills training company based in Manchester, UK. We have a passion for helping people overcome their fears, develop outstanding public speaking skills, and begin succeeding in both their personal and professional lives. We also have a reputation for helping people like you to become better business communicators.

Since 2014 we’ve been delivering public speaking courses in Manchester to the public and within organisations. Our training has helped thousands of people to become more confident, competent speakers. Our students frequently go on to be promoted in their career, start their own businesses or even become known in their own right as professional speakers and thought-leaders. We’re proud to have coached TEDx speakers, business leaders and top academics to speak with influence & charisma.

Project Charisma is headed by three coaches (Danny Riley, Chris Delaney & Ed Darling) who are all based in Manchester. We’re professional speakers and trainers, as well as each working in our own unique fields. Read on to find out more about our coaches, and how we combined our expertise to develop high-impact public speaking courses that are helping people to transform their confidence and unleash their charisma.


Back in 2014, we realised the “old style” of public speaking training was taking weeks, if not months, to start seeing real improvement.

We knew there must be a better way. So we came together to develop a new style of training – one which accelarated the learning process and gave people results in hours, not weeks or months.

The success of our new approach comes down to two key things, our emphasis on practical learning to build confidence through competence, and our fusion of three powerful disciplines: acting, speaking & therapeutic techniques.

Our mission now is to deliver the most advanced, effective and enjoyable public speaking courses available anywhere in the world, transforming how people think and feel about public speaking.


Edward Darling

A professional actor, voice over artist and public speaker, Edward has performed on hundreds of stages around the UK, Europe and NYC. He spent 3 years as the public speaking coach for the NCS, and was elected President at Salford Speakers club.

Ed specializes in the cross-over between stage acting and public speaking. His coaching fuses the best techniques of both to get you feeling comfortable in the lime-light, and bring out your natural stage presence.

Danny Riley is an award winning speaker, Chartered Manager, and Learning and Development Professional. He has coached TEDx speakers, and leaders to be more effective communicators.

A highly accomlished speaker himself, Danny’s coaching focuses on structure, storytelling and writing techniques. He will help you bring any presentation, pitch, or speech to life using using conflict, hooks and storytelling techniques designed to make your audiences sit up and take note.

Danny Riley

Chris Delaney

A Hypnotherapist, Confidence Coach and published author, Chris specializes in helping people to overcome phobias, take charge of their emotions and build the inner-confidence to succeed, using his own version of phobia therapy called ‘fast therapy’.
Chris’s coaching will give you the tools to overcome anxiety and develop a positive mindset around public speaking. If you’ve never had a phobia of presenting, Chris’s techniques will give you that extra edge to handle any situation with authority and poise.

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