About Public Speaking
with Project Charisma

We’re known for helping professionals of all industries develop outstanding communication skills.

A Communication Training Company, Founded in Manchester.

Project Charisma is a communication training company, founded in Manchester.

We have a passion and expertise for helping people develop outstanding communication skills and express themselves with complete authenticity.

Since 2014 we’ve coached hundreds of individuals to become more confident, charismatic speakers. With past students including TEDx speakers, business leaders and top academics.

Project Charisma was founded by three professional speakers: Ed Darling, Danny Riley and Chris Delaney.

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A New Approach to
Public Speaking.

Back in 2014, we came together to develop a new way of training public speaking. Our aim was to refine and accelerate the learning process, giving clients results in hours not weeks or months.

The success of our approach comes from an emphasis on practical learning to build confidence through competence; and our fusion of three powerful disciplines: acting, speaking & therapeutic techniques.

Our mission is to deliver the most advanced, effective and enjoyable public speaking courses available anywhere in the world – transforming how people think and feel about public speaking.

The Project Charisma
Public Speaking Trainers:

Ed Darling
& Head Coach

A professional actor, voice over artist and public speaker, Edward has performed on stages around the world – including the UK, Italy and NYC – and was a the President of Salford Speakers Toastmasters International.

As a public speaking coach, Ed works with professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs to overcome life-long fears, develop outstanding communication skills, and become confident, credible & charismatic speakers.

Specializing in the cross-over between acting and public speaking, Ed’s coaching fuses the best techniques of both to transform your voice, body-language and mindset in order to access your authentic confidence.

Danny Riley is an award winning speaker, Chartered Manager, and Learning and Development Professional. He has coached TEDx speakers, and leaders to be more effective communicators.

A highly accomlished speaker himself, Danny’s expertise focuses on structure, storytelling and writing techniques, and forms the basis of the unique ‘speech structure’ we teach in all our training courses.

Danny Riley

Chris Delaney

A Hypnotherapist, confidence coach and published author, Chris specializes in helping people to overcome phobias, take charge of their emotions and build the inner-confidence to succeed – using his own version of phobia therapy called ‘fast therapy’.
If you have deep seated phobia around presenting and require extra support, Chris’s techniques can help you to break past anxious patterns and reduce anxiety before beginning your journey into Public Speaking.