About Us

Project Charisma was founded in 2014 out of a sheer need for a truly immersive workshop experience in the field of Public Speaking.

If you’ve ever been to a traditional Public Speaking Workshop, you will most likely have found yourself sitting for hours watching the facilitator speaking, while doing very little ‘work’ yourself.

Aristotle once said, “For the things, we have to learn before we can do them, we have to learn by doing them”.

At Project Charisma we now hold this as our philosophy: if you come to one of our workshops, events, or choose one of our products you will learn by doing, not just by learning.

Our core mission

is to help those who wish to improve their ability to express themselves to an audience; to perform on stage or on camera; to feel confident in social environments, and to develop the courage to be heard in business meetings, or at networking events. We want to help introverts to find their voice.

Our workshops fuse Public Speaking, Acting, and Neural Imprinting Techniques that are designed to take you from wherever you are and propel you to where you want to be. If you are a complete beginner: awkward and shy, we will help you find the power to break out of your shell and face the world with pride. If you are able to get on stage but have trouble keeping an audience engaged, we can give you the coaching you need to captivate and persuade every group you address. If you are an advanced speaker, business executive, or performer we will show you how you can gain an edge over the competition with the finer elements that will really make you shine.

There are three of us:

Chris is a master hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming practicioner. He has helped countless clients to overcome their fears of dogs, spiders, and… you guessed it, public speaking. Chris will show you how you can employ several mental techniques to create the perfect mindset for standing up and talking in front of people, and through his neural imprinting technique, you will be able to model and embody the traits of great speakers.

Ed is a trained and award nominated actor who makes a living from his craft. Through thousands of hours of      rehearsing  scripts and performing on stage and television, Ed has learned how to keep an audience engaged and how to embrace any emotion, be that passion, excitement, or even anxiety. The difference is, Ed is able to feel and display these emotions on demand rather than being a victim of them, and he can teach you to develop the same skill.

Danny is an award winning public speaker who has developed his skills over the last 5 years. Once a shy, socially awkward introvert, Danny is now a paid professional speaker and leader, and he can show you the tools that the best speakers use to create winning speeches through his Speaker’s Journey formula. He will take you from a blank page and mind to a mind filled with ideas and story just bursting to jump onto the page.

We have delivered our workshops in schools, universities, businesses, and in workshops open to all, and we get the same results every time.

Every workshop contains a little miracle: a shy child recites the poem they had kept a secret; a single mother recounts her deepest fears and feels relieved; an unhappy employee finds themselves with the tools to start a new career path within the company. These are all things that have happened during our workshops and they are such a common occurrence that now, we just expect them.

Come and join us for a workshop and uncover the authentic speaker you know you can be.