Project Charisma – an immerse experience 

  • Acting

  • Public Speaking

  • Neural-Imprinting

Can you be more charismatic on stage?

Project charisma has taken the techniques developed over decades from three disciplines; acting, neural-imprinting and public speaking to help increase your charisma.


We deliver a number of group sessions for business and for the public. This is an immersive experience that will double your levels of confidence, increase your skill base and  make you more charismatic.

Our Services

Public Speaking Workshops

We run a range of immersive public speaking workshops tailored to your organisations needs, or you can book onto one of our highly popular charisma public speaking workshops designed for the general public.

We run workshops for youth groups, businesses and bespoke organisations

Choose between to Bronze, Silver and Golda package. Click here for more details – be more charismatic 

Public Speaking Coaching

You can access one to one personalized coaching sessions from a member of the project charisma team. Each coach offers a unique insight and skill base to increase your public speaking charisma; acting, public speaking and neural imprinting for fear removals

Learn more about our team here – meet the project charisma team

Speak, Think, and Act with Charisma